Product Description

Used for pleural drainage. Chest tube placement is facilitated utilizing standard percutaneous entry (Seldinger) technique.

  • The chest tube inserter, fitted to the chest tube, provides a smooth transition for ease of insertion over the wire guide.
  • Sideports are positioned at the distal end of the chest tube.
  • Sets and trays include EchoTip® echogenic needle for placement.
  • All sets include Thal-Quick Chest Tube, percutaneous entry needle, appropriate-sized dilators, Amplatz Extra-Stiff Wire Guide with Safe-T-J® Tip, disposable thumb scalpel.
  • All trays include all components in sets and the following items: 25 gage needle, 22 gage needle, lidocaine, Chloraprep® One-Step antiseptic, fenestrated drape, gauze sponges, disposable syringes, suture with needle, needle holder, povidone-iodine ointment, CSR wrap and prep tray.
  • Additional lumen available for aspiration or infusion.