Feotal Dooppler


  • Features
  • A multifunction fetal Doppler
  • It has many utility functions, such as: fetal heart beat indicator, instantaneous FHR?averaged FHR?manual calculate FHR,brightness mode, auto shut off without signal within 1 minutes, battery indicator and Low battery shut off.
  • An accurate fetal Doppler
  • The FHR accuracy is 1BPM, above 2BPM.
  • The synchronization between fetal heart beat indicator and fetal heart beat sound is good.
  • No detection miss.
  • No FHR reduce by one half, or double.
  • Advanced quick-track technology ensure the display time less than 3 seconds.
  • Long battery life
  • Advanced design keeps power consumption low, allowing you to use continually up to 300 minutes, or stand by for 1 month. Better still, these batteries are widely available so you can get replacements almost anywhere.

Technical specification

  • Power supply: 9V battery
  • Display:45*25mm LCD
  • Barometric pressure:86 ~ 106kPa
  • Temperature:+5 degrees~+4 degrees
  • FHR detect rang: 60~ 210BPM
  • Speaker power: =1.8W
  • Size:35(T)X115(W)X 130(L)mm
  • Weight:300g(include battery)



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