Stethoscope Spengler Dual Chestpiece Stethoscope


Made of chromium-plated or colour-coated zinc alloy (6 available colours).

Two models:

  • single head
  • dual head

Ergonomic and functional: ideal handover. Designed for daily diagnosis and blood pressure measurement.

High resolution acoustic diaphragm
Amplifies, heart and lungs sounds without distortion. Pulse® and Dual Pulse® are perfectly adapted for blood pressure

Bell chestpiece (Dual Pulse)
For heart sounds.

Non-chill clip ring
For patient comfort and quiet examination.

    Ready for use. Designed to automatically adjust to your ears’ listening angle. Comfort and optimum listening.
  2. Soft screw-type earpieces
    Made of TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer). Colour matching to the tube colour.
    Great comfort and acoustically sealed ear fit. Surrounding sounds do not disturb listening.
  3. Single pipe « Y » tubing
    Made of PVC. Colour range: black (silver chestpiece), navy blue, light blue, emerald, raspberry, carmine and yellow.
    Excellent acoustic transmission and restitution. No sound interference. Physiological sounds are accurately
  4. Adjustable inner spring
    Sound waves are conducted without distortion. The uniformity of the frequency response waveform is preserved.
    Ensures constant acoustical sensitivity.


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