Suction Machine – Hospivac


Is a surgical aspirator power-fed at 230V ~ / 50Hz, to be used for suctioning body liquids (such as mucus, phlegm and blood) provided with 4 antistatic wheels, two of which with braking device, and a pulling handle. This equipment is designed for easy transport and continuous utilization.

Thanks to these characteristics and to its functions, this device is particularly suitable for utilization in hospital wards and operation theatres both for suctioning body liquids and for gynaecological and dermatological (liposuction) applications. It’s provided with a plastic body, with thermal and electrical isolation in compliance with European safety standards, two complete suction tanks in polycarbonate suitable for sterilization, and a float valve, besides being fitted with a suction regulator and a vacuum gauge on the front panel.

Versions fitted with footswitch control and flux deviator are available on request. The electronic management system fitted on the front panel allows to perform suction by means of the footswitch control as well as to suction liquids in both tanks provided without having to switch the equipment off to reconnect the second tank.


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