Ultra Sound Machine Apogee 3500


Digital beam forming technology

Accurate beam forming, signal processing, digital image procurement and processing ensure images with clear-cut edge and no distortion.

The unique “Beam Sector Extension” function allows observing viscus in a wider scope without dual “concatenation”

All probes are super-broadband with over 70% relative bandwidth. Different frequency ranges are available for each probe on different clinical requirements.

  • High-precision digital imaging technology
  • THI, real-time compound imaging, trapezoidal imaging, extended sector imaging
  • Color Doppler Flow Imaging(CDFI), spectrum Doppler
  • Versatile measurement and clinical diagnostic calculation function
  • Available super broadband,high density probes group, like phased array, 4D
  • Built-in workstation
  • Strong image and file management system、PACS systems and DICOM3.0 connection


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