Suction Machine – 2 Bottle



It is designed with oil free pump for environmental protection and low noise.
Overflow protection make fancy design and safe use. It is suitable for the suction of phlegm and thick fluids in surgical operation (Not suitable for abortion).
1. Adopting oil-free piston pump
2. Clean: without pollution of oil and smoke, convenient-no need add oil to
maintain daily
3. Safe-no plus pressure during using
4. Keep pressure when the machine stops ,so the liquid won’t flow backwards
5. Adopts completely plastic panel design, which makes it more fancy and fashionable
6. Easy to carry, low noise, high negative pressure and large flux

1. Power consumption: 120 W
2. Maximum negative pressure: ≥0.09 MPa
3. Negative pressure range: 0.02 MPa to Max negative pressure
4. Pump rate: ≥20 L/min
5. Noise: ≤60 dB
6. Bottle volume: 2500 ml, 2 pcs
7. Continuous Working Time: 0-30 min Rest Time≧ 30min


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